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Digital Business Solutions - provides website design, Custom Web Application, Mobile App Development and Digital Business Solutions that save our cilent’s time and money.
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Focused on delivering success since 2005


Digital-Up is a team of creators, thinkers, makers, and explorers. We work with the intention of providing outstanding results for your website and mobile app. We aim to ensure your brand meets the needs of changing cultures, technologies, and times.

We work to create strategy for your website that is innovative, yet familiar to consumers enabling a streamline website. We challenge conformity to provide your clients an experience not just a web page to visit. Through your website you are able to connect better with your clients.

Since 2005, we have implemented and designed several recognizable business solutions and advertising campaigns throughout the world. Our work has provided us with unique experiences to offer a new perspective on the work we do- providing global brands with a delivery method for their story as well as offering a single package for your digital business needs.

Why we’re different

Lean Approach

We have practices, proven scientifically, to increase your success in the digital world.


The development office is located in Yerevan, Armenia, which helps keep your costs down and optimize your experience

One stop shop

We have a full team of professionals to see to your every need from start to finish.


Schedules can be planned around your working hours, as we understand you have a full time job that requires your attention.

On the move

Our team travels to you when necessary. We move about the global on a frequent basis to meet clients just like you.

Up to Date

The latest digital trends are tracked by us, to help us with experimenting and implementing procedures, or new technologies to help you.

User Centric

Clients visiting your site gain access to a user-friendly experience full of meaningful and helpful navigation that helps clients reach their goals and tasks.

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated team includes quality assurance staff. You can feel certain the final launch of your website and products will be bug free and satisfactory to your clients, as well as, you.

It’s what we haven’t done that really excites us. What’s next?